The 15-minute ‘World of Tomorrow’ (2015)

If you’re in the mood for an animated sci-fi short, you should watch Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow, available on Netflix streaming and Vimeo. A little girl (Winona Mae., Hertzfeldt’s niece), referred to as Emily “Prime,” receives a message from her future clone (Julia Pott). The future Emily takes tiny Emily through her personal memories and explains how humans attempt to prolong their lives through cloning and digitally uploading their consciousnesses.

Future Emily describes her eerie world in a manner more akin to a robot than to a human, but she still feels and falls in love. Granted, it is mostly with the non-human–she loves a rock, a fuel-pump, and a strange alien–but her emotions are real. Because Hertzfeldt created the story around Winona Mae’s adorable, nonsensical ramblings, Emily Prime comes across as sweetly oblivious to and amazed by Future Emily’s divulgements. Animated with stick figures and rich colors, the Academy Award nominated World of Tomorrow is worth a look.



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