Hello there! I come from myriad places. I moved to Seattle a few months ago. I have written a book. Here is a picture of me, where I am cold but happy:


I’m standing on a hill in the Lake District, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Also of note: that’s the shortest my hair has been.

As I mention in my About Me section, this is a blog that is (mostly) about films and related media. Art, whether commercial or highfalutin, tells stories about us all. Many of us spend copious amounts of time to discussing and imbibing media, these movies and television shows that saturate our culture. They shape and reflect our society. They also can be just plain fun, entertainment on a dull day, a diversion during difficult times.

Nowadays, film reviews and fan reactions are also major parts of our cultural landscape, so I’ll also touch on critical responses to media. (In other words, strangers’ opinions annoy, amuse, anger, and delight me, so I’m going to spend time ranting about it.) (In other other words, review reviews.)

Feel free to comment, but if you act like like a blockhead, your comments will be blocked.*

Poor Charlie Brown.

Blogs are strange spaces, and we’ll see what shape this one takes. In the meantime, thank you for joining me!

*Does that joke work? Is this even a joke?


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